Friday, June 18, 2010

Episode #36

In this episode Dark Hater goes on about friends getting you caught up in lies, #2 pencils, getting healthy, cops punching girls, reads the news, urchin dress codes and converses with comedian/impressionist Jay Pharoah who mimics Will Smith, Denzel Washington, Jay Z, Cassidy, The Game, Kat Williams and more...
To see more of Jay Pharoah go to

Black Sheep "The choice is yours" Available on Amazon.

Patti Page "Ol Cape Cod" available on Amazon.

The Coup "Fat Cats, Bigga fish" available on Amazon.

Ghostface Killa "Iron Maiden" available on Amazon.

Bill Withers "Lovely day" available on Amazon.

Soundgarden "Balck hole Sun" available on Amazon.


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